Welcome to our campaign for the Snoqualmie Valley School Board!

Education Advocate, David Spring M. Ed., a 20 year resident of North Bend, announced today he will run for the Snoqualmie Valley School Board in order to reopen Snoqualmie Middle School, reduce class sizes and increase graduation rates.

Why I am running

Welcome to our website. I would like to explain briefly why I have decided to run for the School Board. As a parent and teacher, I believe our community deserves a school board which focuses on providing a quality education for every child.

The debate over what to do about our high school is important. But is unfair to ignore the needs of our elementary school children and severely over-crowd our middle schools simply to create 20 empty classrooms at our high school.

Our community has already paid $30 million based on the promise that we would get three middle schools. Annexation of Snoqualmie Middle School, without a vote of the people, was a betrayal of that promise to the voters.

If elected, I will re-open Snoqualmie Middle School, work toward building an urgently needed elementary school on Snoqualmie Ridge and advocate for more creative solutions to solve over-crowding problems at Mount Si High School.

In addition, we have some of the most over-crowded schools in Washington State and in the nation. While most of this is due to the failure of our State legislature to fund public schools, we also have the highest administrative overhead of any school district in East King County (according to OSPI data). We should spend more on teachers in the classroom and less on bureaucrats in the office.


Finally, we have had an average of 440 9th Graders each year for the past several years. Of these 440 students, only 330 graduate four years later – for a real dropout rate of 25%. This is the highest dropout rate of any school district in East King County.

If elected, I will advocate for proven solutions to increase student engagement and increase the graduation rate at Mount Si High School.


My Background

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Math and Science Education from Washington State University and a Master’s Degree in Education and Child Development from the University of Washington. For 20 years, I taught courses in leadership, problem solving and conflict resolution at Bellevue College.

I was a PTA Board member at Opstad Elementary School where I helped build the school playgrounds. I currently am the Director of a nonprofit educational organization called College in the Clouds, which offers free and low cost courses in open source website building tools. I am a homeowner in North Bend where my daughter is an Honors student at Twin Falls Middle School.

If you believe it is wrong to close Snoqualmie Middle School – and cause severe over-crowding at Twin Falls Middle School in addition to busing middle school children from Snoqualmie Ridge to a school far from their community - and would like to join our campaign to provide a quality education for all of our children, email us. Together, we can re-open Snoqualmie Middle School, reduce class sizes and increase graduation rates in our School District.“


For more information about our campaign, visit our website: springforschools.org or email me… David Spring M. Ed.     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How we can reopen Snoqualmie Middle School

Many parents in our community think that the closure of Snoqualmie Middle School is a done deal and that nothing can be done to reopen it. It is true that regardless of the harm this closure does to our children, Snoqualmie Middle School will be closed this fall and hundreds of middle school children from Snoqualmie Ridge will be forced to ride buses to schools far from their homes. This will also result in severe over-crowding at our remaining middle schools – especially at Twin Falls Middle School in North Bend. But there are several reasons to believe that we can reopen Snoqualmie Middle School and end this harm to our children very quickly.

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